Hello everyone, hope all is well.
Over the lasts few months the media has decided to post more and more articles in relation to the kodi clampdown in the uk and authorities have now passed that streaming media without a paying is illegal, up until april or may this year streaming content was LEGAL until the european court of justice changed it by law. So why now begs the question and for what reason, tv companies and the movie and entertainment Business are making record breaking ammounts of money especially at the box office, yet they say people streaming content is costing them millions of pounds which is stupid as the people who stream wouldn’t choose to buy the service otherwise. Ok maybe people who make money from it should face charges but not users who just want to watch a film or whatever, that’s why most people pay for a internet provider, besides what go’s on nowadays then they should go after the real crooks and let people be free to enjoy a few free movies ect.

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