warning to all users

yesterday when looking for streams i came across a link and entered itno simple tv, after which i worked out there was other channels from the server, freeview uk channels, however after when trying to re enter the site my laptop was trying to redirect me to other sites, i avoided them because i had wot {web of trust installed in my firefox browser} i wont type in the full address but here is apart of it range86-131.btcentralplus.com, if you come across any do not enter to simple tv or vlc

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  1. thanks hammy35 for this warning.

  2. thanks

  3. Thanks Hammy !

  4. I’m guessing you’re in the UK, cause that is a British telecom IP address and they are probably monitoring your activity on the internet. I have read where a lot of people have been monitored from British telecom IP addresses. My guess is they are hip to what you’re doing. I’m also guessing you’re using a VPN which they canactuall bypass. You’re not as safe as you think in the UK even when using VPN.

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