[TUTORIAL] New Streams – How to find Streams

Most people requests streams, other use this site as a source for their sites. Some copy from other forums here. I don’t see nothing wrong with it. I really dont like to hide anything. I watch only 5 channels and in most cases don’t have time for it. But don’t beg for streams. I’m sure that everybody can find some new stream. It’s exciting and gives more pleasure.
There are lot of sites with unprotected streams.

1. First download and install URLHelper (http://torrentz.eu/d61f7ca0413f49c8c62265dda46acdc09722213c) or some other similar app.
lately I found site with unprotected streams (more then 100)

2. giniko.com

3. start urlhelper and click for example on BBC One

you will see lot of links something like that

now use this link and remove right from stream/ and add playlist.m3u8 or whateveryouwant.m3u8

you will get this link that work in every player

you can do it with every link on this site, you don’t need to register on site just look channel name

for example to watch das erste
use previous stream and change channel name, all other is the same



All thanks to (d_m_w), sandy, koolz, d3n1s, … and all other who contributed to whole stream community.

13 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] New Streams – How to find Streams

  1. You are great!

  2. Thanks boss your awesome !
    Damn i miss to see D_M_W like before..

  3. thnx its very good tutorial

  4. awesome thanks for the very good tutorial

  5. After install the software(StreamingStar_URL_Helper_v_3_42_Incl_Keygen_UST.exe), it become Torn TV. Is that right?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. However, is anyone actually able to watch, for example, the mentioned BBC One from giniko.com in m3u8 format? On my TV mediaplayer the channel drops out after 10 seconds of watching ­čÖü

  7. So please, where I can find CZECH playlists? Everybody copy this streams from some website, but I don┬┤t know it. Where is it? Thanks

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