Simple TV 0.4.8 now supports torrent links beginning with prefix (acestream://) ;)

Hello My friends,

If you didn’t yet enabled TS engine in your simpleTV 0.4.8, do it first by following this tutorial:

Now download this folder from here:

This folder contains the  script updated to support torrent links with prefix (acestream://).

Go to your folder where you’ve extracted the simple Tv package and replace the older one.

That’s all! Now you can enjoy torrent stream links in different formats :

– The Torrent link with ID code only
– The Torrent link ID code begining with (acestream://)
– The Torrent link from website.

To test your simpleTV, put this link: acestream://94c2fd8fb9bc8f2fc71a2cbe9d4b866f227a0209
If the link doesn’t work review the instructions!

For VLC users, there is good news: Vlc now support playing simple rtmp links directly in stdout mode. The option is supported in the latest vlc version 2.1.2 ! Don’t be confused, just the rtmp link WITHOUT advanced options (swf and page link).

Enjoy it ­čśë

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