REVIEW: iPazzPort 21S Mini Wireless Keyboard

iPazzPort 21S Mini Wireless Keyboard

ipazz port mini keyboard

iPazzPort has developed an entire line of mini wireless keyboards. We tried iPazzPort 21S Mini Keyboard English US Black Edition. There are also French, German Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Spanish version.

Here are the general specs:
Full Size keyboard: Yes
Interface Type: USB
Type: 2.4GHz Wireless
Wi-Fi Range: 10m

Box contains: device, user manual in English and Chinese, USB cable.

ipazz port mini keyboard

We ordered it from for only $9.69. For shipping. I used standard shipping, and it came in 14 days.

ipazz port

Very nice and smooth in hand. Keys are rubberized and nice. 92 keys + touchpad.

It is the world’s most mini wireless keyboard mouse combo great for different uses for your computer, for using a Android TV boxes and others with touchpad DPI adjustable functions. It can be used with Xbox type devices consoles, PC, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, Android TV boxes, Smart TV and smartphones. I don’t know how it would work on smartphone cause it don’t have bluetooth.

On the side there is on/off switch and socket for micro USB charging point.

battery ipazz

On the back there is 800mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery and also USB dongle there.


You got to charged up before use, also remove plastic isolation on battery connectors before charge.

To start using, there is ON/OFF button.
This mini keyboard it’s also backlit which is very nice.

ipazz redipazz greenipazz blue

Pressing Fn+F2 you can turn on backlight – Red, pressing again – Green, pressing again – Blue, pressing again – turn off.
Backlight is working about 13s after key press and turn off automatic to save the battery. After you press something backlight is on again.

Fn+F6 Lock/Unlock keyboard and touchpad

Wireless connection is very good – 2.4Ghz with 2dBm transmit power. I tried thru closed door and it worked.
Battery is very good, two weeks testing without charging.

It’s much better than the standard remotes that ship with most devices, and much smaller than a full size keyboard. With these backlights looks very cool.



Great for KODI
Good quality
Attractive design
Cheap price

on idle you must turn off/on button
(probably battery saving)

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