Request: RTVE1 SimpleTv to Rtmpdump

Can anyone help converting this SimpleTv to Rtmpdump?:

rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp:// playpath=RTVE_LA1_LV3_WEB_NOG swfUrl= pageUrl= swfVfy=true live=true timeout=10



One thought on “Request: RTVE1 SimpleTv to Rtmpdump

  1. I haven’t converted anything but this is what I use in my batch:

    [rtmpdump -r “rtmp://” -a “rtve-live-live?ovpfv=2.1.2” -f “WIN 11,9,900,117” -W “” -p “” -y “RTVE_LA1_LV3_WEB_NOG?aksessionid=1385842074252_37673” -C Z: -v | %vlc% – ]

    ,should also work if used directly in a cmd.

    …and you know of course that only some TV-programs are available with this stream ?

    My “RTMPDumpHelper” don’t react to your stream but this is from its homepage today:

    [rtmpdump -r “rtmp://” -a “rtve-live-live?ovpfv=2.1.2” -f “WIN 13,0,0,214” -W “” -p “” –live -C Z: -y “RTVE_LA1_LV3_WEB_NOG?aksessionid=1401810465145_780507” | %vlc% -]

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