Request for BBC Radio streams

Hello to you all.

I have just recently discovered this website and I love it, and it goes to show the power of the people!

I am trying to locate the URL’S of BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,  as well as Talk Sport, 5Live, and Magic.

I found some links in the archieves from last month but they are not working for me, and I am not sure if it is because I am outside the UK or if they are just dead now.

Any help would be great!

Thanks to you all,



7 thoughts on “Request for BBC Radio streams

  1. hope they work for you if you want more just request i have thousands of radio links

    • Hello Hammy,

      Thanks a lot for the radio streams, but the ones ending with .asx will not play for me. I am outside the UK, so that may be why, I’m not sure. The “Talk Sport” one works great though, and I found another one for XFM London that works too, but it doesn’t end in .asx either. It might not be possible for me to stream them without a proxy, which I don’t know how to set up. Any ideas?

      Thanks again,

  2. BBC radios are working outside UK only TV are geoblocked.
    For me are working.

    • Hey Don thanks for the input.

      I tried adding the .asx streams to XBMC and they won’t play, but the other streams that do not end with .asx will play. I also can play them in like windows media player, but I was hoping to add them to TV Guide Dixie inside of XBMC. It’s not a big deal, I suspect that I may have to convert them to .strm files somehow then they will work.

      • UPDATE: I have found a Radio addon for XBMC that has all of the BBC stations, so that has solved my troubles. I still extend many thanks to Hammy for reaching out and helping me.


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