REQ: Help with Playlist maker by D3n1S

Hello All,

I had all of the playlist maker by D3n1S working on my windows 7 machine. Now that I have upgraded to windows 10, none seem to load now.

“windows is checking for a solution error ”

I know the Min req are Vlc 32 bit, IE and .net 4.5 or better, from what I know about win 10 all this should be ok.

Can anyone help me out please.



8 thoughts on “REQ: Help with Playlist maker by D3n1S

  1. Thanks for the link. Its still not working.
    I have .net 3.5 and 4.6 advanced services installed, ran your link, re-boot, still not working. The error is ” file name xxx has stopped working ”
    anyone ?

  2. Im running win10 64 bit also.

  3. Every app has the same problem?

    Can you try my Movies app?

    Only .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run the app.

  4. I just tested your movie app that one opens/work 100%, also the torrentTV app works 100%.
    these ones do not work, CricFree, FilmOn Playlist Maker, and zerocast.
    I will try some others from your page.

  5. Outstanding help D3n1s !!!!!
    I must have had a problem with my VLC, all working 100% now.
    thank you so much for your help.

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