Radio Stream: B96 Dance

Radio Stream: B96 Dance

Hey guys,

Is there anyway to convert this url into an Android playable url?….Thanks a lot…Phil

8 thoughts on “Radio Stream: B96 Dance

  1. is this a live stream?

  2. yes I believe it is….if you go to you can play it from there….just press the play button..I hope you can help me….Thanks…Phil

  3. why not just install RADIO.COM app,
    just sayin.

    • I am just trying to get all my urls on one player…tune in radio….but this is the only one that it won’t play…and I don’t know why…it plays in my other media player…..

  4. I’m sorry it doesn’t work in the tune in radio app…I don’t know what kind of converted stream url would work in the app. Hope you can still help me….thanks..

  5. Well it’s listed but then you go to it and it plays a station similar to it……they really don’t have it. I don’t know if the stream is a mp3 or a aac or something else and I just want to see it converted into something the app will play….thanks

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