10 thoughts on “Pls find the rtmp link for this stream

  1. u can get a link but there a dynamic token attached to it on that website.what is dynamic token? is type of password link to playpath which is keep changing opposite to static token when it is found staying longer.If you want to watch that channel go download “live media player” on tab or smartphone or any device of android to watch that channel.if you do not find that channel on live media player comeback here I will give a code and can watch it easily.

    • can you give name of publisher for live media player?

    • Hello Passa,

      I also am looking for this stream in English, I used to have one but it finally went down.
      If you have one that is not from iLive that would be great.
      Rtmp streams work best for me.
      I have live media play for android, but the iLive streams are kinda sketchy to get to work.

      Thank you,

  2. rtmp://watch2.ilive.to:1935/edge/_definst_/?xs=_we_ZndrOW9wMzRwYXJ3ejBofDE0MDM1MjA3MTh8MjEyLjk4LjgyLjE4NHw1M2E4MDU2NjcxNjk4fDJmODQ0YWNmYTIwYTZlYmViYWEwNzI5MDVkYzM0Zjg5OWViZWE5YjM.fwk9op34parwz0h http://www.ilive.to/player/player_ilive_2.swf http://www.ilive.to/view/52987/ID_-_Investigation_Discovery-live-stream-channel

  3. @passa i have windows phone and live media player is not available in store

  4. thanks staael

  5. what is the playpath

  6. password pls…

  7. Sorry of late responding. All of you whose did install “live media player recorder” on their divers devices can contact me in private.
    For those who got problem to download it can use that link below. Copy and paste in your device browser and open that Url to go straight to “live media player store.You will see 4 options to download. just use the first one ” Download installer file(APK).This is new updated Live media player and playing perfectly on all devices included ipad ,iphone and android devices like S3.You can even send message to channel owner so he can update it if it is offline.(live media player has been removed from play store)


    Do not forget to sign by Facebook for more reliability than open new account.
    After installing type, that code e.g:501270 in search stream of live media player.ID investigation discovery channel will show up then touch it and play.

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