Please please help me for grab url for this Channel

Hi all

plz plz help me to grab url for iptv box for this channel


i find this but not working





6 thoughts on “Please please help me for grab url for this Channel

  1. Hi NIMA !
    I have tried this stream on my windows 10 PC in VLC player – and that will NOT WORK.

    BUT i also found that it will work well in 3 other windows player software apps.

    1. “3ivx player”
    2. “Network Video Player”
    3: “Live Stream Universal”

    You will find all tree app´s – (and in FREE versions) in MICROSOFT STORE.
    As far as i know those apps (or different versions of them) also are available for windows 8 and 8.1, but NOT for earlier versions of windows.

    I will propose you to download all tree of them – try them – and then find out which of them works at best.

    greetings from fiana

  2. Hi again NIMA !

    Just an other supplementary comment from me.

    You can ALSO watch the channel in live stream in your internet browser by using this link!


  3. hi my friend

    i know the web site
    i want any ones grab url from website and using for vlc

  4. Easily done, and I’ve got Windows 7 !

  5. If you need for Kodi iptv player , I can make it working !

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