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After serious coolsport ddos attacks, what you may see, ucoz disabled whole site. Other words, all data is gone. Talk to admins, but they don’t want to give me backup or money I gave them for service. I have some database dump of backup I do last week, but its for their system and adaptation will take a lot. I will try to put as much as I can. I don’t want revenge. These two years, we certainly shut down some streams (not intentionally). And it’s true that lot of people earn money coping and putting in their players. You are free to use, but don’t publish again, ddos protected servers are very expensive, and this site is not commercial. I add some security layers, but talking with them there will not be new attacks.

Good thing is that we are independent from all now. I did this site as fast as I could and will more to become even more popular. 

Value of this site is not content, but people who is contributing every day. 



Please don’t use bad language in comments and as you know no adult, LIG TV, and now no coolsport. And don’t revenge again I said, I do not believe that the war will bring something good.

added 1.8. This server is crap. Tomorrow I will buy another one.

To post stream must register(ucoz login don’t work here). Be free to do that :). When You add post choose category on second tab.

I fixed adding posts. Problems with sef in joomla. If somebody knows let me know tvplaylist[at]


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