No more Russian please

i’m getting tired of this unusable russian channels, and im sure im not the only one here. just keep them to yourself or go to a Russian forum.

11 thoughts on “No more Russian please

  1. You may be fed up, but some may fancy the working ones. Here’s a solution for you: don’t open them:)

  2. Exactly. YEAH +

  3. This site is international so all streams are welcome
    I agree with grigmel, and just to know some russian channels has english audio so you can change in your player.

  4. We are watching premier leuage games also basetball and champions leuage and uefa cup and lot more on russian channels! so i dont really understand your reaction! Russian streams are usefull and i hope they keep posting them!! You should chill out and respect other peoples choice!

  5. I do not think he meant anything bad
    it would be great if someone was putting other countries’ links more often
    same as russian links posted

  6. If some one dont like russian channels dont open them,im agree with livetvstream this is international site all streams welome,

  7. good idea because usually russian tv no work and fake ip……

  8. and who cares? do not like it do not watch, I like Russian TV

  9. The problem with russian streams is that changing too fast.

  10. the admin should check every post before it is published, if not this will become a drama site, people posting, reposting, asking stupid questions, capital letters, and all that king of unwanted things.

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