#EXTINF:-1,SMART SPORT1[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,SMART SPORT2[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,NTV SMART SPORTHD[email protected]/test=1424321/
—————————MOVIES PRE*MIUM——————–
#EXTINF:-1,MOVIE MAX PREMIERE[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,Movie Max Speed[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,Movie Max Star[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,Movie Max Gold[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,Movie Max Premium[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,SALON 1[email protected]/test=1424321/
#EXTINF:-1,SALON 2[email protected]/test=1424321/

7 thoughts on “NEW DIGITURK BY ALEX

  1. no more lig tv

  2. lig tv is not alowed on this site

  3. Not all works. Not works LIG TV, NTV SMART SPORTHD…

  4. If you are first time on site. To watch streams install Vlc player, SimpleTV player and read our TOS and tutorials section.
    Register to see all posts (also check spam folder for confirmation mail). Still stands no adult, no lig tv and no coolsport. And don’t use bad words, if you notice something irregular send pm to skazi646 or livetvstream, such users will be banned immediately.

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