need a little help

hi guys im still very new to all this , ive not gotten many links myself but I have gotten a few . I posted one here recently for an irish tv channel that works well for me . ive got another good quality link here it is,bid=9616297264,exp=1400807468,,nname=video8.lhr01,fmt=chunked&sig=c20b3055de5cacfc442597f266424fc0ae822dee

the link works well in simple tv player and vlc player , please feel free to use the link guys . my problem is I use tsmedia for most of my iptv , that is I make .m3u files and use tsmedia player to play them , this works quite well for me . however the above link wont open with tsmedia player , so I was wondering can the link maybe be converted to play in tsmedia player ? , I would really appreciate any help guys . if it can be converted to work in tsmedia can someone explain how I could do that ? , thanks guys . by the way the link above is for mgm usa its great quality , enjoy guys .

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