need help brodcasting youtube video live

hey there,how can i brodcast youtube video ?.i saw bunch of indian youtube and i want to stream some of them live (24/7 ) making a m3u8 playlist channel.

**im NOT asking how to upload to youtube or how to brodcast live in youtube.

thank you

2 thoughts on “need help brodcasting youtube video live

  1. Dude, its Simple, EveryOne can broadcast live video with youtube now, You just have to logged in and verify you mobile and then you can broadcast live

    (Few months Before, You needed at-least 1000 Subscribers so you can broadcast, But last month they opened for all)

    But you wont get m3u8 link since they have protected there links Very Good, also they are using small 10 to 20 second video link and it changes everytime

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