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hi guys, over the past few years i have done my bit in helping others here wheather it be iptv links or on kodi.
the past year or so many people will not have heard much from me due to other commitments. I would like to come back and give you guys more advice on a more regular occation and am launching a new site but would appreciate a small donation for time as i am giving up on other work, i will need to purchase a domain also which adds to cost, as little as you can afford will be really appreciated, THE SITE AS YOU WILL SEE IS AT EARLY STAGES MEANING I WILL BE ADDING AS MUCH AND CHANGING LAYOUTS WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS

6 thoughts on “message from hammy

  1. Donation sent ­čśÄ
    will you have a forum ?
    Im not after links, I just need help scanning ;P

  2. i already set up a forum only a forum no website

  3. everyone is welcome to join just started it

  4. u need to Register to see forum probally

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