7 thoughts on “mash up xbmc help

  1. Can you not do anything by yourself? Why are you even making a playlist if you can’t do anything by yourself? You ask people to get all your links. You keep stealing my links. Stop being lazy.

    You can make an XML and put all your links in then add the source from the mashup settings.

    Or you can add it to the live section, but you have to ask mash2k if you can add your list then he will tell you what to do. He will tell you to add your list to dropbox or github and tell you to keep it updated on there. Its really a huge hassle adding a playlist to mashup, and I can see you don’t like doing anything for yourself so I doubt you’ll be interested.

  2. Make an XML and put all your links in. When finished add it as a new source in the mashup settings. All these questions you keep asking are easy to resolve if you do a Google search. Stop being lazy man. If you don’t know what you’re doing you might wanna stop making your playlist, do some research then make a playlist. We can’t hold your hand through everything.

  3. BTW, you can also lookup all these questions on YouTube and there will be videos showing how do make XML playlist and most other questions you have. Search before asking questions, cause everyone can tell your not looking for the answers before you ask for help

  4. Chris, stop being a douchebag.

  5. Not being a douche, being honest. He needs to do some research so he doesn’t have to keep asking for help about things he could simply lookup. If I was being a douche I wouldn’t have answered his question. Stop trying to be an asshole bhan.

  6. @ bhan, I’m the only person who answered his question, in the time it took him to wait for a response from me he could’ve had his answer if he took the time to do a search. Telling someone to do research isn’t a bad thing. You’re never gonna learn anything if you can’t do it by yourself. You can copy someone’s answers everyday, then when you have a pop quiz you’re gonna fail, cause you didn’t take time to learn how to do it.

  7. Chris, I understand you answered his question but there was no need for all the other negative comments. I have noticed you go around on all his posts just to say hurtful things. What is he doing that bothers you so much? Didn’t know asking questions was a bad thing nowadays.

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