8 thoughts on “IPTV IN SHARP SMART TV ?

  1. Buy samsung f series mate

  2. nice shopping ­čÖé

  3. thanks livetvstream
    this is tv http://www.plaisio.gr/thleoraseis/tv/50-intses/Sharp-50-50LE751-with-3D-Glasses.htm

    i buy in greece tommorow but first i need ti know how to play iptv here ?anyone know?

  4. Bro buy samsung!! There is hack for samsung tv and you can make alot thinks for example install samygo and you can root your tv and install stuffs like oscam on your tv! Yes oscam on your tv, there is app for samsung tv like NstreamLmod with plays iptv streams and you can play m3u8 list ­čÖé great tv!!!

  5. hammy 35 is not the corect modelin uk but ok ­čÖé

  6. radoslaw hi bro i shearch for 50 inch tv 3d and full hd i have budget only 900 euros if i cna find a sumsung tv with this im ok

    you can send me a message hwo to install this apps in sumsung smart tv ? im waiting your help

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