4 thoughts on “Hi I’m looking for Markiza sk for vlc or simple tv any one please ??

  1. here Markiza sk:

    you can change the number c=? for to get more sk channels, enjoy!

  2. Thank but Markiza is not working do you have any other link? but thanks

  3. Hi everybody. I’m looking for any adress to watch markiza too.That link Halilou gave us is only working few hours per day, I don’t know why. The only one link I found is this one other user posted.

    But I have to try it a lot of time until I am able to make it work. I don’t know if these adresses are geo-blocked or what. I tried all adresses with VLC and Simpletv but I amb not able watch when I need
    I am joined to Ivanita petiton.
    Thanks a lot

  4. Hello! try then this http://www.spusti.net/ and just follow the instructions

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