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  1. an google tv can help you like logitech revue or maybe an roku box (those can play http, rtsp and mms files not rtmp)

    • i have a roku player.it doesn’t play rtmp,rtsp,udp anything its only supports m3u8(ios,http) and i don’t like roku box that much.and i heared that google tv.its not supports rtmp,rtsp,udp just like roku.i reccomend you to get dreambox.you can add channels

  2. Lot of people today buying Android TV players, that is the cheapest solution from 40$ depending on memory, cpu or addons

  3. I totally agree with Livestream. I personally have an android box, and it works well for its price and it plays rtmp, rtsp and http streams. I do not know about udp. I have tried udp yet. And I have also a vu+solo2 , which is really very very very good (the best box I have ever bough), but it costs about 310 Euro. And it is a receiver and an ip-set-top-box (dreambox).

  4. Thank you so much Alb-Hack, tint, livetvstream and yxyx. These comments are very useful. How about Apple TV??

  5. Http=m3u8

    Roku http
    Vu : http rtsp mms
    Android : http udp rtmp rtsp mss mssh
    Mag 250: http
    Dreambox : http rtmp rtsp
    Jahoo: http

    Its up to what you want

    Android most likely best because of games and apps
    But its for me not iptv box ! Coz its android and messy with apps and all

    Mag 250 good interface iptv box
    Also cheapest

    I have them both
    But i prefer mag 250 micro for iptv
    And android for games
    ( mag for service iptv providers 2portals)

    Android its just a app with some icon

  6. can some one tell me which dream box you can add iptv?? is dm500 good to use??


  7. SO, my dear I have an vu+solo2. And I can play rtmp, http, rtsp and mms. So, please if someone is not sure of his information, please be silent. And about the apple TV, I have not got one, but some friends have. If it is jailbroken, you can do with it a lot of things, if not, I would do not pay a cent to buy it. The jailbreak can be done until now on Apple TV 1+2 ( not 3). I hope I was helpful.

  8. why not just get a tv that supports xbmc and navi x

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