German Channel rtmp

Works on VLC

ARD DAS ERSTE: rtmp://

ZDF: rtmp://

SAT1: rtmp://

RTL: rtmp://

RTL2: rtmp://

PRO7: rtmp://

VOX: rtmp://

KABEL1: rtmp://

SIXX: rtmp://

DMAX: rtmp://

SUPERRTL: rtmp://

RTLNITRO: rtmp://

3SAT: rtmp://

TELE5: rtmp://

ZDFNEO: rtmp://

ORF1: rtmp://

ORF2: rtmp://

ATV: rtmp://

SF1: rtmp://

SF2: rtmp://

3PLUS: rtmp://

MDR: rtmp://

WDR: rtmp://

SWR: rtmp://

NDR: rtmp://

HR: rtmp://

RBB: rtmp://

BR: rtmp://

ZDFKULTUR: rtmp://

ZDFINFO: rtmp://

ARTE: rtmp://

PHOENIX: rtmp://

SERVUSTV: rtmp://

N24: rtmp://

NTV: rtmp://


KIKA: rtmp://


VIVA: rtmp://

JOIZ: rtmp://


EUROSPORT: rtmp://

SPORT1: rtmp://


3 thoughts on “German Channel rtmp

  1. how to convert Http ?

    help me plz

  2. Are these already gone ?
    or is it just another matter of wait, wait , wait , wait ?

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