12 thoughts on “friends, help this stream

  1. well done, i played about with that code for about 1hr lol

  2. lol yeah sometimes confuse you.

  3. thax friends.. ­čÖé

  4. @skazi646 How do you convert to m3u8? Please help

  5. this stream was not converted from rtmp it was already in m3u8, it was just a case of snooping the code and playing around with it, someone may correct me but i dont think you can actually convert rtmp stream to m3u8.

  6. $f().getClip().update({
    url: urltoken,
    ipadUrl: ‘http://d2efse2o46g8jb.cloudfront.net/live/smil:mnews.smil/playlist.m3u8’


  7. like D3n1s comment first.. CTRL + U, CTRL + F and search for m3u8 or rtmpÔÇŽ
    for some reason his post found on spams. sorry about that.

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