6 thoughts on “free streams add on kodi

  1. not working at all now

  2. script failed error accoured

  3. Mickey Mouse 1234 said in twitter “FS is dead baby dead”

  4. this was an email i received from xunitytalk.com Hi

    So it seems freestreams plugin is dead maybe temporary after speaking to mikey1234 seems they have moved url he was scraping from.


    Its not all doom and gloom……

    In xunitytalk repository there is a plugin called StreamTvBox all you have to do is sign up at http://streamtvbox.com input details and pay a subscription which is £10.99 per month for over 260 channels which integrates with any of your tv guide plugins you use…..

    After signing up it can take up to 24 hours before you have access to all channels… below is list of channels


    Team Xunitytalk

    Channel Listings

  5. Free Streams is back up but totally new channels not many english

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