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How to open the playlist from a dreambox ip? Here’s an example of 94,212,254,138
I open the page on the browser and click the icon of tv near the channel list and download the m3u file.and then what I do?
this is the correct procedure?

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  1. Download Dreambox VLC Streamer.

  2. just save as and play it on vlc

  3. First of all, port 8001 (streaming port) has to be open, it is that on this one.
    It also has to be a free tuner, if the box or anyone else are streaming another channel the tuner locks to one frequency and that makes it only stream channels from that one frequency. Last of all, the box need to have access to decode the channel.

    Right now this box is “on” and watching “sport1 Select”, then the tuner is locket to the frequency of this channel. Best is to stream from a box is standby, boxcontrol > powercontrol > toggle standy.

  4. So you can only watch what the box owner is watching or you can watch whatever you want by putting it on Standby? @ryv

  5. Please Post More Dreambox Streams,Please?

  6. As I said if the owner is watching and there is only one tuner it locks to that frequency (transponder) of that channel, it`s usually about 10 channels on one transponder, to understand you can take a look at this example: http://en.kingofsat.net/pos-13E.php

    Even if the box is in standby the tuner can be busy by another one streaming, and most important of all, wich makes many of the eastern european boxes unusable, the line the box is on, needs high upload bandwith. SD channels usually has a bitrate arond 4-6 Mbit/s, HD 10-18 MBit/s. So if the owner has a ADSL line he usually has maximum 1,5-2Mbit upload wich is not enough to stream out to you.

  7. Thank You so much. That explains why the channel ony opens up for 2 seconds and then closes. Thank You.

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