DM Web Control IP guide and using advice!

Just wanted to double check and alert people who is new to web control ip to be very careful when start to learn more about dreambox and their web control and start to use them both in web browser and software like VLC or xbmc (PVR clients – Vu+/Enigma2 clint add-on).

Follow this guide for safer use and more info to understand what you are doing with these great appreciated dm web control ip addresses and keep in mind that your are also affecting other user not to mention the owner of the box.. DONT overusing the ip address and appreciate the hard work behind finding these special ip addresses and how you should be careful when using them and protect them.. keep in mind other people would also like to keep use these ip’s as long as possible.

Rule nr 1 most important one..

Never use the ip address when you se that the current viewer owner of the box is using it..!  you know that when you put the ip in the web browser and it shows some channel is (current) playing.. that means that the owner is using his box (watching Tv) right now !!! try later or when they sleep.

Go instead to Extra and device info to find out if that dream box or vu duo box is a single tuner device or double..

Tuner A BCM4505 (DVB-S2)    means single tuner box

Tuner A  BCM7325 DVB-S2 NIM (internal) (DVB-S2)
Tuner B  BCM7325 DVB-S2 NIM (internal) (DVB-S2)

means double and can be used safely most of the time..

Rule nr 2 and very important as well !!

Never never never use WebRemote when you notice that the owner is using the box (watching Tv).. as soon you change a channel on the webpage on the webRemote window or hit the menu button who ever is watching tv at that moment will notice right away that someone is playing and hacking their box and they will sooner or later close the box and change the port and close it and that guys will be our FAULT of losing that great fast dreambox ip address so be very careful !!!

If you must and know what to do with the webRemote and need to explore the box via menu etc you can do that only at night when everyone is sleeping for example or a fact that this owner of the box don’t use it at all during this time of the day that you notice after a time of visiting that dm web control ip address.. Only then when you know its safe you can use the power control on the web site of that box and hit Toggle Standby once then reload the page to see that the box is infact is turned on then go ahed and use the web remote and menu button to see what is there and why maybe that particular box is not working after following these steps and if the http web interface is enabled or not (you find that in media player or settings I think) and what port its using etc..

keep in mind when you change settings here like maybe you want this box to stream higher better video quality to the web interface (you) like 720p or 1080p don’t change these settings… just accept that the owner will notice that and their by suspect that someone is using their box which they won’t appreciate very much and will close it and lock it as soon as possible!

Try instead to gather as much info about a particular ip box and gather as many boxes as you can to use day time and other ip boxes to only use at night time so that way you can be sure that the owner of the box never suspect why maybe the box is suddenly slower or something change etc..

after all guys we have to respect and realize that we are using others property and be thankful that there are guys that are searching for these open web controls ip addresses and we have to be careful and protect them otherwise if overusing these great stuff eventually everyone will close their box and i don’t think there is much we can do when that happens.

I hope you guys will appreciate this guide and make use of it.

I even hope every time an uploader of any web control ip release the ip address to this great website will include a link of this guide so beginner know what they are dealing with and won’t make mistakes that can cost the all of us.

Thank you keep up the good work.


Little update for beginner:

If you are new to dream box and don’t know why the ip address is not working (stream channels) follow this basic fast steps.

1. When you put the ip address in any web browser you will first notice the web interface then the current playing channel. don’t try to use other channels if the box is not off (that will not work anyway with single tuner box) and if the owner is using the box at that moment but you anyway downloaded the .m3u and keep overusing trying to play the channel in vlc and you succeeded.. the owner will not get any picture and will start to suspect someone is using the box on the web interface so be careful with single tuner boxes guys 🙂

2. To be on the safe side download the current playing stream .m3u that the owner of that box is watching at that moment and play it in vlc…

3. If you are lucky and no other people is maybe try to stream that channel like you are doing then you should be able to se the streaming video and can enjoy the channel without any problem and watch it like the owner and enjoy that until he change the channel.

Anyway that way you will know if that box has the right setup or not, like stream http (enabled) and what is the listening port (80) and if or not authorization Enabled* for http streaming (mean password protected) that option should be OFF otherwise you can never se any streaming video. but usually the open web ip you find here doesn’t have that but as you learn more about dm box you should know about that.

4. As long that dm box ip you find has a single tuner (tuner A) you can never watch (stream) another channel as long the owner is using the box.. the box has to be on standby (OFF) not Deep standby (haven’t try that and maybe you shouldn’t either) then you will be able to se any stream and stream other channels in the same box (download different .m3u) and keep in mind that other people is maybe trying to stream like you are and thats why only one of the two of you will get the video stream..

That doesn’t mean that the box is not working and bad or have the right settings. you just have to wait until the box is not busy and simple try another ip that you know not many use and protect it so you know what time to use it and what not to.

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