create rtmp or m3u8 link for the rtmp dump

Please help create rtmp or m3u8 link for the rtmp dump below.


Thank you.

7 thoughts on “create rtmp or m3u8 link for the rtmp dump

  1. Can you please explain this sentence: “Please help create rtmp or m3u8 link for the rtmp dump below.”

    I really don’t get it. What do you want? Where and how do you want to watch it, or you want to re-stream this.

    …and this is useless, I do know the source but then again you need to post the source and not the actual stream that doesn’t work.

  2. I am trying to play the ESPN and ESPN2 m3u8 link in vlc.
    If a ESPN and ESPN2 rtmp link can be played in xmtv player that works too.
    The source is from

  3. Thanks.
    I could not download the CricFree app + VLC (32Bit) from the website.
    I will try to add the Decode valueserver_time=6/28/2016 4:25:19 PM&hash_value=iOyfToMvs/+MBK4a4usGcw==&validminutes=60
    into the m3u8 link. Hope it works out.

  4. I did not get it.
    Is that a w ok wowza session ID?

  5. This part is from your streams above:


    Open this web page:



    Click DECODE and you’ll get this:

    server_time=6/28/2016 4:25:19 PM&hash_value=iOyfToMvs/+MBK4a4usGcw==&validminutes=60

    You can’t use it! It’s just the info. Your stream will be valid for 60 minutes. If you want to re-stream it’s not going to be possible because wmsAuthSign was designed to prevent that.

    hash_value= is also base64 encoded string. When you decode it you’ll get MD5 hash. MD5 is created from your IP address, password stored on the server, server_time=6/28/2016 and validminutes=60

    If you want to watch you need to use my app above or learn how to use regex.

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