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Vaughnlive TV

Can some help me create a rtmp or M3u8 so i can played it on VLC media player from http://vaughnlive.tv/telemundo32 I have this stream but it cut off on the VLC player.  rtmp:// read more...

Help with rtmp convert to http or m3u8

Need help in converting some channels to m3u8 so i can play them in MAG250 or IPTV Simple TV. They play great in VLC. USA Channels #EXTINF:-1,CBS NY HD rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1,NBC NY HD rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1,CW44 HD FLORIDA rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1,CW44 FLORIDA rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1, ABC22 OHIO HD rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1, FOX45 SD rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1, FOX45 HD rtmp:// #EXTINF:-1, […] read more...