2 thoughts on “ANYONE HELP ALEX

  1. when you help others then you will be helped

  2. Alex

    The answer from chikou is wrong.

    The more people who can search for channels and share them responsibly the better.

    There is a search tool in simple player that can help, it is under tools.

    There is a link here – http://www.tvonlinestreams.com/advanced-ip-sccaner/ which has some information about Angry Scanner, a free download that can check for UDP ip addresses and working ports.

    There is a program called hidownload, run it when you are on a website that has streams. It will give you a stream url, often an rtmp address. You can visit http://plstonline.org/ and it will mostly convert the rtmp address hidownload found into an address that plays in simple player.

    The feeds found by some of the regular contributors here are really appreciated. If more people new how to scan for signals then we would surely be finding more feeds.

    If anyone has any additional suggestions to help with searching for channels do post them here.

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