A little tutorial to watch glarab.com channels requested by psxcare ;)

Hi everyone,
glarab.com website are using their own flash player, so you must download it and install it first, because the flash player make request to their server from your localhost, means that the streaming link can’t be sniffed, the only way is to use a dowload manager like Internet donload manager or esle and you’ll get easily the download link. copy the link generated by your IDM and paste it in your favourite player (vlc or else) and enjoy watching your channels ­čśë

The same link of the same channel may not work again if you access to the website because they are using different servers. For example here is 2 different links for the same channel:



You see the difference? their are two different ips of server: ( and If the first server doesn’t work use the second, If not, then the server changed again you’ll need to extract your link again ­čśë

But don’t forget! You must install their flash player first and then you can enjoy your channels.

Good luck ­čśë

8 thoughts on “A little tutorial to watch glarab.com channels requested by psxcare ;)

    • Sorry adils I didn’t count all the servers, for me, I found only 2 servers!
      In this case you’ll need to extract your link by yourself using IDM unless you want to make a regexp ­čśë

  1. change AlEkhbariya_LR to AlEkhbariya_Med
    namechannwl_LR to namechannels_Med

    • adils, this link for High quality is generated by IDM when I log in their website, and It’s working even if I log out! When you visit the website as a guest, then I get the low quality only from IDM ­čśë

      So to conclude, when you’re guest, 2 servers are generated: ( and for low quality, and when you log in then you get the high quality and the server is generated but It can’t be used with low quality!

      In this tutorial, I’m just explaining the method of how to extract the link from this website, for the rest you are on your own ­čśë

  2. A thousand thanks.
    As I understand, you can not sniff them channels so you can use the links in xbmc.

    • yes psxcare, you can’t sniff the link directly by url helper or other, but IDM or similar can detect easily the traffic from your localhost.After getting the link put it in any player that supports stdout mode (vlc, xbmc,…)

  3. Dear Liver and psxcare : thank you both for the discussion: I do have however another question: I will talk about geoblocked channels. Can you view MBC1 and MBC Drama from arabic countries? Because a lot of channels that worked at first do not work now.

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