A little message for all members and streamers of tvonlinestreams !!

The vod streams links that I’ve posted yesterday are down because the token has changed!!

And my conclusion is That there are lot of spies here that are inspecting post by post!!

So from now, I will not post any token publicaly and I hope that everyone posting in this website will do the same thing !

So for those who want Vod streams token or any other token PM ME 

Thanks for your attention!

10 thoughts on “A little message for all members and streamers of tvonlinestreams !!

  1. Thanks for your contribution
    your contact mail id ?

  2. Yes liver, don’t post any more and take care who you give.

  3. i Need token please
    rtmp://cdn.ebound.tv/tv?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MS85LzIwMTQgOTo0Njo1NiBQTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPWliV2VjM1lyVlhnYXdXNm94c2puVlE9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9MjA= playpath=8xm



    • Hellow shahzad!

      These website is not using static token, but they are using a dyanamic code that changes everytime! the dynamic code is what you see after the authsign parameter in your link!

      this is why your link is down after some time ­čśë

  4. Last time I gave a token of Green website it did not take few minutes token has been changed immediately. The same for links when you see them here It does not take long to see link modify.So what to do? stop giving links and token will penalize many of this site users. Do not reposte the links and token please, that will help to maintain them little bit longer.

    • passa, I’m not talking about links! I can post the links publicaly if someone want them, but token no, because simply it’s the mean that websites rely on to protect their streams! And as long as they don’t know it, they can’t guess If I have the good or the fake token ­čśÇ

      Concerning repossting! I don’t repost anything! Those vod links that was requested by a memeber I’m the first one that have updated them ­čśë

  5. I have just given my view on the issue you brought but not I’am targeting you. If not you are among those who are doing an amazing job here bringing every time some new thought links.Have good day

    • I know passa don’t worry ­čÖé I’m just clarifying things ­čśë

      I’m not interested by searching for streaming links, but my job is to help poeple that have difficulties to extract links,and providing some tutorials !

      The streaming world is a huge domain, And you have to keep up to date coz more and more websites are implementing new methods to protect their streams from dumping, this is my target ­čśë


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